When Is an Old Car a Classic?

Old Car

The term classic car conjures up images of an old car you may have coveted when you were a teen. But what is a classic car?


As a general rule, a classic car is a vehicle at least 20 years old; however, your states DMV may not differentiate between a classic, vintage or antique car. For most insurance companies, a vehicle between 20 and 40 years old is considered a classic.


In terms of modifications to the vehicle, classics have strict requirements for registration as such. To officially be registered as a classic, the car must have its original design and specifications. The car also must have no updates to add modern technology including things such as Bluetooth or integrated GPS.

Driving Limitations

Many states have limitations regarding when, where, and how far a classic car can be driven. Often, a classic vehicle cannot be driven every day or be your regular form of transportation.


Youll need to cover your car under a classic car insurance policy. Coverage will include collision and comprehensive like your regular car insurance, as well as all the required liability and uninsured motorist coverage required by your state.

A classic car can be an investment that brings you pride and joy for many years to come.