What to Include in Your Specialty Insurance Policy

Aegis General Insurance

There is often confusion underlying the things that insurance actually covers and what specialty items can be included in a policy. Whether a prized possession or an unoccupied dwelling, there are several items you may own that are left unprotected under your general auto or homeowner’s insurance policy. Here are the top three items that can be included when you arrange for specialty insurance through Aegis General Insurance Agency.

1. Motorcycle

You may think this would be covered under your automobile insurance but it often is not. Generally, your policy will only cover the vehicles that you regularly drive. Motorcycles are usually considered recreational. Since most riders take pride in their motorcycles and customized equipment, it is important to make sure they are fully covered by an insurance plan.

2. Collector Vehicle

Collectible and antique cars may be considered priceless heirlooms to some, but in a basic policy they may not be covered. Regardless of the model or year, specialty insurance can provide coverage to protect your pride and joy.

3. Unoccupied Dwelling

Whether you have moved out of your home to renovate it or your property is on the market, specialty insurance can protect your vacant home from fire, vandalism and theft as well as hail or wind damage.

Discover What You Can Get Covered

In addition to these three items that can be included in your Aegis General Insurance policy, you will find other things that can be covered as well, such as travel trailers and manufactured and specialty homes. Be sure to meet with a trusted agent to explore your options and possessions you can get covered.


photo credit: big dodge (license)