What is Production Insurance in the Entertainment Industry?

Entertainment production insurance

Taking on a project in the entertainment industry is an exciting experience. In order to optimize ones work, it is vital to obtain a comprehensive insurance policy in order to protect everyones hard work in addition to well-being.

What is Entertainment Production Insurance?

Entertainment production insurance is designed to protect a production company, during a given project, from any work-related liability. Because all entertainment projects are as unique as their creators, it is important to obtain a policy that is specifically designed for ones production company’s specific needs during the project. For example, ongoing productions may benefit from annual policies, while a one-time project is better suited by a short-term policy.

What is Covered Under an Entertainment Production Insurance Policy?

One of the most common sources of legal battles in the entertainment industry is on-set injuries and accidents. A general policy will protect a production company in the event that a personal injury claim is made against it, as well as any theft, loss or damage of property, both owned and rented. Additionally, comprehensive policies can also cover non-physical claims, such as libel or copyright issues.

The producer of an entertainment project is almost always held completely responsible in the event something unfortunate occurs, even if he or she is technically not at fault. Producers can protect themselves financially and legally with a good, comprehensive entertainment production insurance policy.