What Is Legionella and How Do You Treat It?

Legionella Liability

Water treatment companies worry about a variety of bacteria that can infiltrate the clean water. Eliminating hazardous bacteria is not entirely full proof. Businesses can protect themselves with legionella liability insurance while following best practices.

Hazardous Bacteria

Legionella bacteria cause Legionnaires’ Disease. This severe form of pneumonia is often lethal. The bacteria infects as many as 18,000 people annually in the US. Many sufferers spend time in ICU with some facing an altered quality of life. Both nonpotable and potable water systems can carry the Legionella pneumophilia bacteria.

Best Practices

In order to help keep the bacteria out of the water system, there are some best practices that water companies can follow. As seen on https://www.watercolormanagement.com/, combating the bacteria starts with the cooling tower system. These towers need proper maintenance for effective operation. The towers should be cleaned twice a year. The company should implement mist-elimination technologies, biocide programs and other programs such as antifoulant, dispersant, and biodispersant. The plumbing system should have its own maintenance system to ensure the water is bacteria-free.

Legionella liability is something that faces all water treatment companies. By taking the steps to include the added insurance as part of your business’ risk management plan, the company can better protect its financial assets in the event of a lawsuit.