What is Aegis Insurance Company?

What is Aegis Insurance Company?

Aegis Insurance Company has been a trusted coverage provider for almost four decades. Licensed in all 50 states and Washington DC, the company has a nationwide network of partners. Aegis specializes in health insurance, surety and accident coverage, and property and casualty insurance.

The Team

The company was founded in 1977 and values its experienced and knowledgeable workers. Aegis is dedicated to its customers and focuses on responsiveness, long-term relationships, discipline, and local expertise in order to accomplish its goals. Their team is dedicated to settling claims quickly and can even issue payments on the scene.


Aegis Security Insurance Company has a number of strict underwriting guidelines, as well as pricing models and rate adjustments that allow them to offer cost-effective plans to their consumers. Their insurance coverage is designed to be comprehensive without breaking the bank.

Specialty Insurer

The company focuses on niche areas and offers a high level of specialization. Products offered include everything from lottery surety bonds to homeowner explosion coverage. Each plan is unique and tailored for its holder.

Technology Advantages

With advanced and innovative technology, Aegis Security is capable of offering a number of different advantages over its competitors. A web-based rating system allows them to cater to customers needs, and careful use of technology allows them to increase the efficiency of claims resolution. Aegis Insurance Company has been serving its customers for almost forty years and will be continue to do so for many more.


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