Understanding the Ins and Outs of Workers

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If you’re a business owner in the Commonwealth of Virginia, it is mandatory that you hold workers’ compensation insurance. Designed to help both the company and the injured individual, workers compensation Virginia provides medical benefits and lost wages to employees who are hurt or losing income as a result of an on-the-job accident.

Typically, workers’ compensation insurance covers the following types of expenses.

  • Medical care resulting from the on-the-job injury or illness
  • Retraining costs, if necessary
  • Replacement income
  • Compensation for long-term or permanent injuries
  • Benefits to survivors of workers whose injuries prove fatal

Just as important as understanding what workers compensation Virginia covers is recognizing what it won’t cover. Remember, workers’ compensation is designed to cover injuries that result from the employer’s negligence or carelessness, and there are several limitations. The following are a few examples of situations where workers’ compensation doesn’t apply.

  • If the employee is proven to have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident
  • If the employee’s injuries are proven to have been self-inflicted
  • If the employee was in direct violation of a company law or policy at the time of the incident

While factors like proper training and adequate rest can reduce the likelihood that your company will actually need workers’ compensation insurance, it is mandatory that you have it, so it’s critical that you fully understand what it will and will not cover.