Understanding High Risk Car Insurance

High risk drivers might not have any other choice than to get high risk auto insurance in South Florida. High risk insurance is for drivers who have a record of DUIs, an abundance of moving violations or several car accidents. The reason they need special insurance is because most insurance companies aren’t willing to take a risk on them and offer them a standard auto insurance policy. Some insurance companies will even drop them as customers if their high risk behavior continues


Auto insurance South FloridaHigh Risk Insurance


There are actually two different kinds of high risk auto insurance. One is a standard policy that is more expensive simply because of the driver’s record. Getting a DUI or being at fault for an accident causes monthly insurance premiums to increase and makes you a liability to insurance providers. You can be a high risk motorist and still qualify for car insurance. 


The second type of high risk insurance is for drivers whose records are so awful that no insurance company will offer them insurance. An “Assigned Risk” plan is usually a last resort for auto insurance in South Florida. No matter which high risk plan you’re eligible for, it’s important that you do everything possible to avoid an auto accident in order to keep from having to pay money out of pocket.


Work on cleaning up your driving record and doing everything possible to get more affordable auto insurance that offers complete coverage.