Types of Workers Compensation

Types of Workers Compensation

Getting hurt or injured on the job can be devastating if it means that the employee has to take time off, but Florida workers comp is in place to help protect employees whose ability to work is impacted. There are different types of workers compensation benefits and they cover a variety of situations.

Medical Care

This benefit is probably the most commonly used one. It covers medical and hospital expenses that are needed to diagnose and treat the injury. Things that are generally included include visits to the doctor, medication, and surgeries. In some cases, equipment, pain therapy, acupuncture, and counseling may be covered.

Disability Income

This benefit covers lost wages in the event you need to miss time from work. There are different categories that disabilities can fall into. These include temporary partial, temporary total, permanent partial, and permanent total. The benefits received will be a percentage of what was being earned before the injury.


This type of benefit pays for therapeutic care that will help with injury or illness recovery. This also includes training to regain abilities and skills to return to work.


In the unfortunate event that the employee dies due to injuries, this benefit is paid to dependent family members to compensate for financial loss. Those who may be covered under Florida workers comp include spouses, children, siblings, or parents.