Two Increasingly Important Commercial Insurance Products to Consider 


Business Insurance Hackensack New Jersey
Business Insurance Hackensack New Jersey

Anyone who runs a business knows that the correct insurance coverage is crucial.  Although you may already be protecting your business with business insurance in Hackensack New Jersey that covers basics like liability insurance and workers compensation, this may not be enough to guarantee full protection.  Here are two commercial insurance products that are worth seriously considering adding to your policy.  


Cyber Liability 


Today it is common to hear about security breaches costing companies money and customer confidence.  Many business owners may not realize that a general liability policy will not cover business interruption or financial losses resulting from security breaches.  Worse still, businesses may be held liable for breaches on the part of third party servers or contractors.  This makes cyber liability a smart complement to any business insurance policy.  


Pollution Liability


Environmental concerns are receiving significant public attention, and as regulations increase, it becomes easier for businesses to slip out of compliance.  Businesses may be held accountable for environmental damage or sickness caused by pollution, as well as the costs of cleanup, repairs, or medical treatment.  For many industry segments, pollution liability is a smart and even critical investment. 


Finding the Right Policy


In today’s legal climate, businesses must limit risk as much as possible, and having a tailored insurance policy that truly fits your business is one of the best ways to do this.  When taking outbusiness insurance in Hackensack New Jersey, make sure to consider cyber and pollution liability as well as other unique areas of risk that your business may face.