Top Tools for Winter Semi Truck Maintenance

Western Truck Insurance

Winter is upon us and that means the possibility of something breaking in cold weather. Insurance for semi-trucks helps in an accident, but some things you can repair yourself. Truckers need to keep a variety of tools in their trucks in case something breaks while on the road.

Winter Gear

Make sure you have a solid pair of gloves to work when the temperatures drop. Something as simple as replacing a tire can be hard on your hands when the air is at or below freezing. Make sure the gloves are durable with enough grip to handle your tools.

Safety Gear

The light fades faster in the winter months with the sun setting exceptionally early in the northern climes. A good working flashlight with spare batteries is a must. Also, have some road signs and flares to help others see you in the dark and harsh weather conditions.

Handy Tools

Most truck drivers benefit from a wrench set, electrical tape, air pressure gauges and a set of vice grips. A ratchet screwdriver set can make short work of simple repairs. The experts at Western Truck Insurance recommend having commercial equipment insurance and physical damage insurance.

While you may save money repairing some things yourself, insurance for semi-trucks is there when you need additional assistance. Sometimes an accident or repair is more than you can handle on the side of the road.