Top Features All Auto Insurance Quotes Should Include

Top Features All Auto Insurance Quotes Should Include

When comparing quotes for a car insurance policy, it is important to understand what the policy will cover. There are a few top features that you shouldn’t go without. Always double check that the documents have these coverages listed before examining the price within the quotes.

Bodily Injury/Property Damage Liability

When comparing Tennessee auto insurance quotes, check for bodily injury/property damage liability. This is the amount of coverage you will have in the event of an accident where you are determined to be at fault. The figure covers the injuries of those involved in the crash as well as any property that might have been harmed by your vehicle.

Medical Coverage

Unlike the bodily injury feature, the medical coverage section is where you’ll find the amount that the insurance company will pay you for your own personal injuries. This also includes any trauma that your passengers incur.

Comprehensive Coverage

A car accident is not the only way that a vehicle can become damaged. Tennessee auto insurance quotes should include comprehensive coverage so that you can recoup losses from incidences of graffiti or stolen valuables. Should your car experience a disaster, such as a fire or fallen tree, you’ll also be protected.

When comparing auto insurance quotes, first check that the proposed policy has comprehensive coverage for medical costs, bodily injury, and property damage. Only then should you consider other factors.