Tips for Creating a Winning Insurance Agency Website

Insurance Agency Website

As everyone in the insurance business knows, it is important to have an insurance agency website. No matter what type of insurance is being sold, one thing will never change: consumers and potential customers are using the Internet for practically every aspect of their lives, and this includes shopping to find and compare policies that they are interested in securing. With this in mind, agencies need to position themselves online to achieve a higher level of success.


Selecting the right website designer


When hiring a designer be sure to take a look at his or her feedback and portfolio first.  Another important consideration is to have a look at some example sites available to help explain what the company is looking for, in terms of design and content. Take cues from other agents who currently have an enviable web presence.


Find out what is, and isn’t working, in order to make a more informed decision. This will help quite a bit when making decisions on what to include on the new website, once the right designer has been found and approved.


It may seem overly simple, but this is an area where many insurance professionals fail. The last thing any business wants is for a visitor to be forced to dig through their website to find their contact information. This is the one thing that should be as simple as possible to find. In order to ensure that the contact information is easily accessible, include email address and phone number on the home page, and repeat on every other page of the site.


The header or a sidebar are good locations for this information, and by all means, make it visible! This will ensure that anybody who is interested will know what he or she has to do in order to make contact with an agent.


Make the site unique and helpful


Chances are, there are plenty of insurance agents in the area that can boast having an insurance agency website. Doing something unique that will set this agency apart from the competition is especially important. This will give the consumer confidence that the agency knows what they are doing, putting them in a position of authority in the industry.


photo credit: ingrid eulenfan cc