Three Types of Dump Trucks Needing Insurance Coverage

Truck Insurance

Every dump truck has multiple moving parts and if any of those parts fails, the truck will not work properly. Dump truck insurance can cover broken parts from accidents or wear and tear. Western Truck Insurance Services offers a variety of coverage types and works with standard and unique dump truck configurations. Here are three dump trucks we work with and insure.

Standard Trucks

The most common type of dump truck has a hydraulic lift to pitch the bed over the back wheels. This hydraulic system can take a lot of stress, especially with very heavy or uneven loads.

Side Dump Trucks

A similar type of dump truck unloads on the side. While this means the bed does not move as far, it can cause strain on one side of the truck. Over time, axle issues can develop, which are covered with our dump truck insurance.

Roll-Off Trucks

Instead of the usual “lift and tip”, a roll-off dump truck has slots for the bed to slide off the truck completely. These slots can get warped or blocked over time, needing to be cleaned, repaired or replaced.

Get Your Truck Covered

Your dump truck is an important part of your livelihood. With dump truck insurance, you can cover accidents and maintenance. Contact our office to find out more.