Think Ahead When it Comes to Yacht Club Insurance

No matter the insurance coverage you’re shopping for, you need to think ahead about your options. This will help you to find the right coverage for your yacht club. Here is some of what you need to consider about yacht club insurance programs.

Land Claims

Most claims happen on land. You need to keep this in mind when shopping for coverage. A lot of the time, claims include property damage, workers’ compensation, dock damage or theft while docked. While some claims may occur on water, you don’t want to focus all of your coverage on what happens in the water.

Liquor Liability

If you don’t serve alcohol, you might consider losing the liquor liability. There are some cases where this would be a bad idea. Even if you don’t sell liquor, if you pay for any events that include alcohol, whether they are events on land or elsewhere, you are still liable.


There are always going to be exclusions when it comes to insurance. You need to be familiar with what these exclusions are. Some insurance policies may not cover swimming accidents or damages caused by an incompetent employee.

Before you choose between different yacht club insurance programs, it’s crucial that you think ahead of what you might need. With as many policy options as there are, it’s better if you think about the risks that your club takes.