The Top Two Insurance Marketing Strategies

The Top Two Insurance Marketing Strategies

Whether starting up an insurance agency for the first time, or if you’ve owned your company and been around for quite some time, insurance agencies need to invest time in developing Insurance Marketing Strategies geared to both drum up new business while continually taking care of the needs of long standing clients.

It’s not unusual for an agency to look at other websites to try and get some marketing tips and suggestions. After all, insurance agencies are in a fairly specific niche, so while they may require different marketing tactics based on their specific products, they are still all in the business of selling insurance.

Customers only buy insurance when they really need it, like when they buy a car or a home, or they go travelling, or they decide the time has come to buy a life policy. When they make the decision to buy a product or service, they’re either going to ask a friend for a referral, or likely they’ll go online and look at a few insurance websites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and rankings

One sure way to get a high ranking in Internet searches is through the use of keywords. Keywords are what the average person typically types into Google to navigate them to sites related to what their current interest is. In the case of insurance, there are many standard words used for these searches, but by adding multi-word phrases, for example, “life insurance in Rhode Island,” this will generate a list based on those specific keywords.

Having a list of keywords and phrases designed to improve your rankings is a great way to generate more traffic to your site. In addition, if you haven’t already done so, start a social media page (Facebook, Twitter), because by doing so you will build an audience and this will help to enhance your presence and get your message out there.

You’ll also be providing yourself with yet another outlet for people who may have questions to contact you to get the answers they are seeking. It’s no big surprise that the insurance company that answers those questions quickly will tend to nearly always get new customers. SEO and a social media presence should be high on your list of Insurance Marketing Strategies.