Tavern Insurance Can Greatly Reduce Liability Concerns

tavern insurance

Owners of bars and taverns can benefit from having an insurance broker from an agency that understands the liability issues and concerns related to the business. There are many choices when it comes to insurance programs currently available but getting the type of comprehensive and detailed policy that you’ll need is vital. After all, you want it to thoroughly address all of the risks and exposures associated with your line of work.

Taverns were created to give people someplace in the neighborhood to go to and relax and unwind. Your customers are often familiar faces, and you rely on repeat customers to help maintain a steady flow of income. There are so many hazards related to operating an establishment of this nature, so its in your best interests to invest in coverage for every concern you may have, from property damage and liability insurance, to workers comp for your staff, insurance against crime and theft, and even food contamination if you’re serving food of any sort.

Liquor Liability Is A Big Concern For Tavern Owners

Liquor liability insurance tops the list of the most important policies you’ll ever need to include in your tavern insurance package. This coverage is required in the event that injuries or damages related to alcohol consumption occur, because this can create major legal issues for you, and can even result in a loss of your license, not to mention the fines and penalties.

Some owners have taken to renting out their space to groups and private parties. If you plan on renting out your tavern for private parties you’ll need separate coverage for that. Any time you allow groups to rent out your nightclub for special events you can still be held liable for anything that occurs whether you are present or not. You might want to speak to an agent about purchasing event liability insurance if and when you decide to exercise this option.

Bar and tavern insurance is key to running a successful business and a necessity for anyone that wants to succeed in this market. The last thing you want is to be uninsured, or lack sufficient coverage because youll find it difficult to carry on if a lawsuit results in a large settlement against you.