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Why You Need Insurance That Understands Your Business

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While all businesses are well-advised to buy general liability insurance, not all business insurance needs are covered by it. Even if you discount policies like worker’s compensation and property liability, your core business will still have some specific needs that general liability doesn’t cover. Chances are, you’ll also have some assets and equipment outside its scope, so you need to work with professionals who understand your industry to make sure you have the right set of coverage options.

Insuring Financial Organizations

Hedge funds, brokerage firms, and financial institutions have unique needs because they have obligations to their clients beyond what many businesses find themselves taking on. Insuring financial institutions takes a special risk management strategy and a knowledgeable assessment of the institution by experienced professionals. On www.usrisk.com/, a comprehensive list of the specialized assistance a knowledgeable operator can bring highlights the importance of technical expertise and advice as your organization develops and its needs change.

Market access is just as important as a proper assessment of your needs. When you work with people who make your business their business, you gain the benefits of their professional network. That makes it easier for you to get everything you need from your policy, including service from some of the top industry carriers in the world.

Offering Temporary Employees Quality Coverage

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The healthcare industry is one of the most mentally and emotionally demanding fields of employment, and employee turnover can be one of the biggest challenges in the industry. Medical facilities rely on the recruiting efforts of staffing companies to fill their labor needs, and as Manchester Specialty recommends, only working with partners that supply medical staffing insurance can help safeguard the investment of all involved.

Who Can Be Covered

A medical staffing agency usually deals strictly with healthcare professionals. These individuals can be employed across several disciplines and skill levels, such as surgeons, therapist, nurses, technicians, or doctors. Regardless of their function or job duties, the nature of the medical field opens each of these practitioners up to a range of liabilities and exposures.

What is Offered

A comprehensive medical staffing insurance plan will address the specific risks of the field and job placement. It should be applicable whether the employee is working at a hospital, nursing home, physicians office, or clinic. It should include coverage in the following areas:

General Liability and Package Policy
Professional Liability Coverage
Employment Practices Liability
Directors and Officers Liability
Workers Compensation
Regulatory Audit Coverage

Medical staffing companies provide a resource for healthcare facilities who are in dire need of medical professionals. By carrying an insurance policy that addresses the unique exposures of their operation, the staffing company is well-protected from financial loss.

What to Look for in Timeshare Property Insurance Plans

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When embarking on the exciting new adventure of owning a timeshare in a beautiful vacation destination, it is important that you do not forget to consider looking into insurance programs for timeshare properties. With specialized and full-value insurance that is specifically designed for the needs of timeshare properties and those who own them, you can rest easy. After all, that is what owning a timeshare should be all about.

A Couple of Questions for Your Insurance Broker

As you compare different insurance programs for timeshare properties, make sure to ask your insurance broker or agent a few pertinent questions.

1. How Much Liability Coverage Can I Expect? A solid insurance plan ought to have general liability insurance. However, with timeshares you may encounter a few unusual areas that need coverage. If the timeshare is in danger from hurricanes or earthquakes, look into umbrella liability coverage. If you serve on a timeshare association board, ask about liability insurance for directors and officers.

2. Is Workers Compensation Included? Since most timeshares come with hired staff to make sure the grounds and property are in good order, you may think you do not need to think about workers compensation.

However, in the event that residents or volunteers perform work and are injured, you could be liable for their damages. Check whether the insurance programs for timeshare properties cover workers compensation. With proper insurance coverage, you can better enjoy your relaxation time.

Infographic on a Guide to Staffing Insurance

We’ve broken down common risks that the staffing industry might face and provided a staffing insurance solution to reduce that risk in this staffing insurance infographic.
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