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Insurance for Commercial Vehicles and Motor Carriers

GAIN Insurance Agency

While insurance for operators of tractor-trailers and other commercial equipment is similar to
personal automobile policies, there are other specific details for this industry that are important to
be aware of. State laws typically dictate a minimum amount of liability coverage required for
truckers to carry, but this does not protect you or your property in all situations.

Industry-Specific Protection

As discussed by GAIN Insurance Agency, big rig insurance has many facets
beyond the standard liability requirements. There are additional aspects that protect you
personally, such as Commercial General Liability, while others cover physical damages to items
such as your truck and the cargo that is being hauled. Bobtail insurance is especially important
for owner-operators, as it provides coverage in situations when not operating under the authority
of a trucking company.

Not Just for Enclosed Semi Trucks

Insurance options arent simply for the standard semi-trailer and truck. There is a wide variety of
commercial hauling equipment that agents can assist with finding the right coverage for:
Tow trucks
Car carriers
Tankers and hazmat
Dump trucks
Having the correct policy behind you as just as important as having a solid rig underneath you.
Talking to a professional to understand all the available options will help ease your mind before
hitting the open road.

What to Look for in Timeshare Property Insurance Plans

insurance programs for timeshare properties

When embarking on the exciting new adventure of owning a timeshare in a beautiful vacation destination, it is important that you do not forget to consider looking into insurance programs for timeshare properties. With specialized and full-value insurance that is specifically designed for the needs of timeshare properties and those who own them, you can rest easy. After all, that is what owning a timeshare should be all about.

A Couple of Questions for Your Insurance Broker

As you compare different insurance programs for timeshare properties, make sure to ask your insurance broker or agent a few pertinent questions.
1. How Much Liability Coverage Can I Expect? A solid insurance plan ought to have general liability insurance. However, with timeshares you may encounter a few unusual areas that need coverage. If the timeshare is in danger from hurricanes or earthquakes, look into umbrella liability coverage. If you serve on a timeshare association board, ask about liability insurance for directors and officers.
2. Is Workers Compensation Included? Since most timeshares come with hired staff to make sure the grounds and property are in good order, you may think you do not need to think about workers compensation.
However, in the event that residents or volunteers perform work and are injured, you could be liable for their damages. Check whether the insurance programs for timeshare properties cover workers compensation. With proper insurance coverage, you can better enjoy your relaxation time.

Warning Signs of a Bad Timeshare

Timeshare Insurance Programs

Its exciting to be part of a timeshare, but remember to exercise caution before purchasing. Too often scams are hidden under the guise of a timeshare opportunity, leaving you out of thousands of dollars. Know the warning signs of a shady deal before signing any paperwork.

There is No Insurance

Timeshare insurance programs exist for a reason: your protection. Familiarize yourself with timeshare insurance programs and check into what kind your potential deal has. If there is no insurance, this is a red flag.

Your Agent is Shifty

You should never, ever take the blind word of a timeshare agent without doing your due diligence. Never offer any sort of financial information up front and meet your agent in person to ask questions about the program. If your agent is not transparent answering your questions, refuses to meet you in person and insists upon only doing business over the phone, get out.

Youve Been Cold Called

An agent who calls you out of the blue to offer you a timeshare should be treated with caution. If you are interested in purchasing one, do not trust these types of calls. Instead, contact the owner directly if you are interested. While it can be an opportunity for traveling in comfort, know the risks of timeshare programs ahead of time. Being smart and asking questions can protect you and your family from a bad deal.