Specialized Contractors Insurance

top contractors insurance

When looking for the top contractors insurance in your area, it is important to have an agent on your side who specializes in contractors insurance. The professional exposure risk can vary depending on the type of services that are provided by contractors so having an agent that is experienced with construction services and contracts will make sure you are entirely covered.

Contractor coverage stretched over a wide field of liabilities. A specialist can help determine what exactly applies to your business. Top contractors insurance should offer several protection options including the following:

  • Workers’ compensation- Covering medical expenses for employees and lost wages while they are not at work
  • Contractual Liability- Protects business owners from costs deriving against property damage, bodily injury, or other third-party liabilities
  • Auto quotes- Covers property damage as well as coverage for vehicles, drivers, and passengers
  • Construction bonds- Also known as a license and permit bond, construction bonds are a special type of surety bond to help bid on and land specific projects you are going for

Agents providing top contractors insurance will ensure that you have the appropriate amount of coverage by reviewing your operations, contracts, and policies. Using an agent will make certain that you do not leave yourself and your business open to liability.