Simple Insurance Coverages For Your Restaurant

restaurant insurance in Tennessee

Owning a restaurant comes with many risks. In addition to the potential for economic downturns to keep your customers away, you must also be wary of criminal activity, employee injuries and other risks that can impact your financial viability. Several options are available to protect you against these risks. Below are some of the coverages you should look for when searching for restaurant insurance in Tennessee.


Crime insurance protects against criminal activity by your employees or third parties. Whether it’s employee dishonesty or robbery, your policy will cover the cost to recover your losses or pay any legal costs.


Property insurance covers the cost to repair or replace your business property in case of a fire, certain storms, vandalism or theft. Items that can be included under the policy include your building, landscaping, furniture, equipment and electronic data.

General Liability

General liability protects you in case a third party files a lawsuit claiming that they sustained an injury or property damage because of your business. Your policy will pay for your attorneys’ fees as well as any damages for which you’re found liable.

Worker’s Compensation

Restaurant employees are exposed to numerous risks. With worker’s compensation, your policy will cover any expenses related to a work-related accident including legal and medical fees as well as lost wages.

Other coverages are available to ensure that your business remains protected. Work with an agent who’s experienced with restaurant insurance in Tennessee to craft a policy that meets your needs.