Senior Driving Issues and the Albuquerque Insurance Agency

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There are quite a large number of elderly drivers in the US. Approximately 33 million licensed drivers in the U.S. are over age 65, a more than 20% increase from over a decade ago. Statistics estimate that about 5,500 adult drivers age 65 and older are killed annually in car crashes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s important for senior drivers to carry an auto insurance policy from an Albuquerque insurance agency at all times.

While aging most certainly can produce some challenges for seniors with regards to their driving skills diminishing, driving safety still remains the main function of everyone behind the wheel of a car. Oftentimes, if a person has a difficult time maneuvering an automobile it’s due to some type of health condition and not necessarily due to the age of the driver.

Some concerns regarding senior drivers

Age can certainly bring some declines that may affect many people who drive cars. For example, as vision becomes less sharp, driving at night can become an issue, along with declining mobility making turning around or craning the neck more difficult. This will result in slower reaction times.

Family members should broach the subject of considering other options, such as public transportation, as opposed to manning a vehicle. This is a subject that needs to be discussed when there are early signs that driving skills are starting to diminish. Doing so in a kind and considerate manner will often make the situation far less difficult to address.

As a passenger in their car, you can better ascertain the positives and the negatives about the driving habits of an elderly family member. If their response time is a concern, communicate to them that you’re becoming slightly concerned, perhaps at a time when they are not behind the wheel. Better to use caution while they’re operating a vehicle.

Many drivers are quite aware of their slowing and physical shortcomings and may be able to compensate for some of their age-related changes. It’s a known fact that strength, reach and dexterity will start declining with age, making some of the functions of driving difficult to manage. Help them make the transition when the time comes but also make sure they always have adequate auto coverage from an Albuquerque insurance agency while they e still able to drive.