RMS Insurance Voices Concerns About Recent Terror Attacks

RMS Insurance Voices Concerns About Recent Terror Attacks

The recent outbreak of terrorist activities has created a growing concern in the hotelier and hospitality industries as a whole. Restaurants and nightclubs have become enticing targets because shootings and bombings in such establishments helps to create fear and chaos, especially among young people but for tourists and locals of all ages as well.

Trying to anticipate risk in the hotel security field is certainly not an easy task. It is also one that’s grown increasingly difficult with the introduction of new technologies and regulations, along with global threats on the rise. RMS insurance wants to help bring light to the need of this insurance and address some of these concerns about how to respond when an unfortunate incident does occur.

US Government is on alert

While hotel security professionals and government agencies are constantly trying to determine just how real the threat is at any time in any given place, and have worked diligently to quell fears surrounding threats of terrorism, these actions have come a long way in making travelers less sensitive to any potential threats. Regardless, anti-terrorism efforts still face an emerging risk from those Countries that remain lackadaisical in their own efforts to deal with this problem.

The process of dealing with these concerns requires constant communication and the sharing of best practices. Security efforts remain at an all-time high following the recent attacks on Paris, and one of the more serious issues within the realm of hotel-information technology is mobile and cloud technology.

One issue is that practically all of these entities use smart mobile technology, and much of it has little, if any, encryption on it whatsoever. Even more disconcerting is that there aren’t written policies and procedures relative to the securing and protection of mobile devices, technology and the information contained within them.

Proper security measures are still a hot button topic in this industry and hoteliers really need to do a better job of being informed and getting the message out by talking about security openly and regularly at staff and association meetings. Hotel executives should insist their GMs make security a priority, and RMS is here to help spread that message. Please check with your insurance agent to ensure they can provide you with this important coverage.