Recreational Marine Insurance and Policy Choices

Recreational Marine Insurance and Policy Choices

Looking out for your clients best interests is what makes you a great broker. You understand that they require your help in maintaining the best coverage available to them.

With the types of risks and exposures they face, marina operators can relax knowing that they’re being provided recreational marine insurance designed to fit their specific needs. There’s an added layer of comfort knowing that you’re in the capable hands of a company that fully understands the importance of having comprehensive insurance, along with important loss control measures in place.

Insurance can often be complicated, and buying the wrong insurance is sort of like having no insurance. It helps to partner with a company with extensive knowledge and a long history of providing products and services to agencies operating in this complex industry. This really helps when your client needs help with mitigating situations involving injuries, accidents and other incidences that can easily occur. This, coupled with strategic risk management planning will help your clients minimize exposures and reduce their costs over the long haul.

Your agency understands this market

You can make informed decisions because you’ve worked with marine insurers and understand the types of coverage your clients can benefit from the most. It helps to know that you’re partnering with a network of financially strong admitted (and non-admitted) insurers. The upside? It enables you to get comprehensive, flexible coverage with broad policy terms and competitive pricing.

Areas of coverage include marine liability, general liability, premises liability, and products & completed operations. Most coverage plans can be tailored to include contractual liability, sudden & accidental pollution, non-owned and hired an auto, stop gap, employee benefits liability and liquor liability.

With this diverse insurance portfolio, your client will meet their needs as owners and operators of watercraft, with policies that deal with any concerns about any risks or exposures that they may face. Insurance, coupled with a stringent boating safety program, can potentially have a significant impact on running a safe marina and possibly saving lives.

Safe boating practices, and ongoing safety education and training, along with hands-on boating experience, can make a huge difference in how well prepared they’ll be to deal with the throngs of individuals making use of marinas during high season. By enforcing navigational rules and safety procedures, along with having comprehensive recreational marine insurance, participants can help reduce the number of injuries and the likelihood of property damage.