Purchasing High Value Home Insurance in Loudon, VA

As the owner of an expensive home, you should understand that, when it comes to protecting items and furnishings that are often quite expensive in Loudon, VA, high value homeowners insurance is the only way to go. This should come as no surprise if your residence is one of those with a value in excess of $300,000. For homes of this type of value, standard homeowners insurance is generally not enough to cover any serious damage to the structure or the contents within.

What’s more, you need an agent who fully recognizes the unique coverage needs of high value homeowners such as yourself. Therefore, it’s vital to do the research to find a company that is able to offer clients like you worthwhile additional coverages, including:

  • Property Insurance – With extended dwelling replacement value as well as “all risk” coverage
  • Personal Liability – Increased limits of liability (encompassing umbrella liability protection) to protect your assets
  • Contents – This covers any losses at replacement cost so your personal furnishings are not devalued due to depreciation
  • Loss of use coverage – For living expenses if your home is damaged and uninhabitable
  • Enhanced coverage – For collectables including art, computers, jewelry, furs, silverware, guns, and more.

In addition, coverage for domestic employees may be available, as well as identity theft coverage, which is a growing and ever-present concern. Even if your coverage is a good fit right now, it’s always wise to shop around every few years in order to get the best rate.

Owners of luxury homes are different with regard to what possessions they have, the value of their homes can greatly vary, and their vulnerability to lawsuits. Companies currently selling high value home insurance in the Loudon VA area will provide insurance geared to your distinct, personal needs.

photo credit: Universal Pops (David) cc