Purchasing Car Insurance Antique Vehicles

Purchasing Car Insurance Antique Vehicles

If you have an antique car, there’s no blue book value on it. You need specialized car insurance that fits your vehicle. For insurance purposes, an antique car is one that is 25 years or older with authentic parts. Car insurance antique is for a vehicle that is driven to car shows, car clubs, and for the occasional weekend drive. You cannot use your antique car for everyday use. You have to have another vehicle that you use to commute, and you can’t use your antique car when your everyday car is in the shop.

Determining the value of your car is between you and the insurance company. It’s called an agreed value, and it does not depreciate. Your insurance premium is based on that value. Whether you drive your antique car or just display it, you should still have car insurance antique to cover the value of your car. Even if it just sits in the garage all winter, don’t suspend coverage. There might be a nice day when you’re tempted to drive to the beach. A storm could hit and damage the car in your storage place.

Work with an insurance company that provides antique car insurance for your vehicle. Make sure you accurately value it so that you are completely protected in case of an accident. Don’t compromise your safety or your car’s worth by driving without insurance.


photo credit: Retro Classics meets Barock 2011 in Ludwigsburg – Impressionen (license)

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