Protect Your Investments With the Right Coverage

Commercial real estate insurance

Commercial real estate insurance is essential for protecting your property and related assets from disastrous events such as fires, theft, storm damage, and other environmental occurrences. Having this type of policy will save your business from potential financial ruin and is especially effective when combined with a general liability policy.

Commercial real estate insurance and general liability insurance differ in the protection they provide but are designed to work together to prevent your business from suffering specific losses. Some of the costliest commercial real estate claims fall under both of these types of insurance and include theft, water damage, customer slip and fall, and customer injury and damage. While the commercial real estate policy protects you against the environmental damage, the general liability policy protects you in the event that a third party files a lawsuit against your business. These two types of insurance are often combined into a package known as a business owners policy, or, BOP.

Having the right coverage and enough of it is vital to keeping your business up and running smoothly without having to worry about financial disasters or incurring large amounts of debt. A commercial real estate policy and general liability policy work together to keep you covered in all the most important areas and help ensure the continued success of your business.