Proper Maintenance and Marine Repair Liability Insurance

Proper Maintenance and Marine Repair Liability Insurance

Summer and fall are the most important times of the year for boating enthusiasts. This is when the seas and oceans are sprawling with sailboats, yachts and other vessels carrying vacationers, fishermen, and others with a love of the high seas. Local waterways are often inundated with a parade of seafaring folks, and as so many boaters prepare for weekend excursions, those businesses that cater to marine repairs are likely to see an increase in business.

While helping their customers in maintaining their vessels is important to the vessel’s lifespan, as well as boating safety, your clients in the boating industry need to take certain precautions in the event that their work comes under scrutiny, claims of damages are filed, or injuries are the result of the work they have performed. To properly defend against being sued by a boater for negligence or faulty work you need to assist your clients in acquiring a marine repairers liability policy.

Help reduce clients’ risks

It’s important for your clients to practice using a few maintenance tips that could help them to reduce their risks. After all, a lot of hard work goes into maintaining their customer’s vessels and proper maintenance can help reduce some of the concerns that often occur when out at sea.

For example, check the engine and maintain appropriate oil levels along with tuning the watercraft’s engine per its specifications. In addition, they should always check the coolant levels and remember that fresh water and coolant should be at a 50:50 ratio to ensure smooth running.

The mooring lines, which act as the stationing component of the watercraft, should be maintained in order to ensure that they are in good working order and that they will properly secure the vessel to reduce the likelihood of damage. Lubricating the steering and shift linkage can help to promote a stable working condition and reduce the potential for rust to occur, or jamming the steering component of the vessel.

If the hull is not properly maintained this will often cause the boat to have gear issues, lead to smoking, decrease engine capabilities, and cause the boat to burn excess fuel. It is recommended that the hull be cleaned around once a month, depending on its current condition. Installing a carbon monoxide detector is also a really good idea to prevent accidental poisoning of guests and crew.

This exemplifies the many reasons why proper maintenance is so essential, and also why marine repairers liability insurance is an important component for anyone in the boating repair business.