Partnering with Aegis General Insurance for Motorcycle Insurance

Partnering with Aegis General Insurance for Motorcycle Insurance

Aegis General insurance has made it their business to help agencies write policies for that most sought after client, the motorcycle rider. These two- and three-wheeled motorists have long been part of an underserved market, and because they are much more vulnerable than automobile motorists, they need to have coverage that takes this into account.

At Aegis, they write coverage for motorcyclists of every legal age and for every style of bike on the market. They really take providing coverage to heart, offering insureds a number of choices when it comes to their motorcycle insurance.

Different bikes require their own tailored coverage

Because no two bikes or riders are alike, they need someone at the helm that can tailor a program to fit their specific needs. The program provided by Aegis General insurance is written with Aegis Security Insurance Company, an A.M. Best “A, Financial size VII” rated insurer on admitted basis, and offers several different types of plans.

Coverage for Harley-Davidson motorcycles is offered through their “Harley Program”
And there is also a “Standard Program” that offers coverage for standard touring bikes, as well as coverage for touring motorcycles other than Harley-Davidson.

Depending on the type and use of the bike, additional coverages are available for add-ons as well. Finally, Aegis offers a “Special Hazard Program” which provides coverage for sport or unusual motorcycles. Coverage is also available for motorcycle equipment and accessories, including helmets, safety apparel, attached accessories (not part of the original equipment), trailers and others.

Coverage features available through Aegis

The following key coverages are available with all of their motorcycle programs:

  1. Collision (for damage to the bike in the event of an accident)
  2. Liability (medical expenses, defense costs, lost wages, and other expenses)

Other than Collision:

  • Glass breakage
  • Falling objects
  • Fire & lightning
  • Theft, vandalism & malicious mischief, and
  • Windstorms, hail, and flood, among others

Aegis General insurance wants your clients to have the necessary protection in place for those times when a nasty accident causes damage to their machines and a policy that will get them back on the road in little or no time.