The Often-Overlooked Auto Insurance That Could Save Your Staffing Firm

Hired, non-owned auto insurance

Hired, non-owned auto insurance is one kind of insurance that might have slipped your mind when creating your company’s policy. However, as a staffing firm, your employees may use hired vehicles more often than traditional businesses in order to meet the demands and relocation requirements of their various placements. Buying the insurance offered by car rental companies with high daily and weekly rates can add up quickly. And, allowing members of your staff to drive uninsured can end up costing much more if an accident were to occur.

What is Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance?

Hired and non-owned auto insurance covers you against any damages incurred when employees are driving vehicles that are not directly owned by the staffing firm. Your employees are covered not only when they are driving for work related directly to the staffing firm, but contractor are also covered while on placement with a client. In addition, they are covered when using their own vehicle or a client’s vehicle for work purposes. This extensive coverage plan lets you rest easy knowing that, come what may, your company is protected.

Hired, non-owned auto insurance is created with the unique needs of staffing agencies in mind. Contact a reputable insurance specialist to discuss your options, and make sure your firm has the comprehensive coverage it needs.