NetRate Systems Offers Critical Customization Features

NetRate Systems Offers Critical Customization Features

NetRate Systems offers users customization making their software a sought-after product, which is critical to the current market, particularly in the program business space. With a rating package that can be customized to a carrier’s policy terms, agents and brokers can gain a certain competitive edge in the marketplace.

In fact, NetRate is a leader when it comes to custom development and tailor their rating solutions accordingly. They understand the competitive nature of this growing industry and recognize just how valuable and vital it is in this exciting market. By providing more functionality, and at a cost-effective price, they are paving the way for many new challenges in the insurance industry as a whole.

Another bonus that comes from using NetRate Systems’ products is that they offer more functionality than lower-end systems, as well as being more affordable than many of the larger, toolset systems. They can provide an off-the-shelf product with functionality that is far superior to the retail agency products currently available, which gives a greater flexibility that a Managing General Agency (MGA), Program Administrator (PA) or insurance carrier needs.

Users will also find these products require less of an investment than the toolset approach, which not only requires a much more significant investment but IT resources as well. NetRate Systems has a senior development staff with more than 20 years of experience in the development of property and casualty rating and applications software. Their staff is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of the products they produce, and, as responsive professionals, will work with MGAs, PAs and insurance carriers much as if they’re an extension of your own company.

This helps to ensure that the products they deliver will address the specific programs their clients are providing to their own retailers and their customers. NetRate is able to deliver the type of services and products that others rely on, with an unparalleled commitment to customer service.

Make your rating and associated business processes work more efficiently for you, at a cost effective price with a suite of products that are specifically designed to get the job done right.