Motivating Your Insurance Telemarketing Staff

Telemarketers (unlike outside salespeople who have face-to-face contact with customers) sell their companies’ products primarily by phone. Because of the highly competitive nature of the insurance business, insurance telemarketing requires making high volumes of calls each day in order to meet demanding performance goals. For this reason alone, the telemarketing industry has a high turnover rate, making it difficult to keep a competent and satisfied workforce. Retaining your telemarketer employees, however, is possible; you just have to keep them motivated.
Reward employees who outperform


One way to reward the efforts of your hard working staff is to post the names of your telemarketing team members who have met and exceeded performance goals on a wall of the office. Send out a mass email announcing their success. Take them out to lunch as a token of your gratitude for their contributions to the company’s success. Stimulate a collaborative work environment by encouraging others in the company to personally congratulate the telemarketers who have worked so hard.


Promote from within


Offer frequent promotion assessments to high-performing telemarketing staff, so they know they’re on a track to moving up within the organization. Appoint high-performing employees to supervisory roles. Prepare employees who have been promoted to supervisors for management-level positions. When they know their dedication will help them move up in the chain of command they won’t become complacent and will strive to be part of a growing business. This will give them an understanding that insurance telemarketing is the first step to what can be a rewarding career.


Offer educational opportunities to your employees that enable them to develop their computer and other business skills. You can also reward your hardest-working employees with gift certificates for off-site continuing education classes. By encouraging them to learn more about the different aspects of the business, they will be more likely to consider this a career, as opposed to just a short-term job. Some employees will catch on quicker and have a better grasp of what is required to do the job. In order to retain low-performing employees you might want to consider personalized coaching and training.


Invite telemarketing staff to off-site recreational events where they have a chance to bond outside of the office. This will make their job experience more fun and less restrictive. It will also give them a chance, outside of the office, to get to know their bosses and managers on a more personal level, which will also strengthen their commitment to the organization. Host an annual holiday party at a restaurant or hotel, so your staff feels valued as part of a dynamic company.