Misconceptions About Insurance Agents

Insurance Agents in Virginia

Not everyone understands the benefits of using insurance agents in Virginia. There a many myths about using agents to purchase your insurance. Here are three myths and the truth.

Myth #1 — It costs more to use an insurance agent.

Whether you go through an agent or buy insurance directly from the company, it costs you the same. The big difference is that when you use an agent, you get their experience in the industry to help you manage your costs and coverage more effectively. You can compare rates and plans. The agent works for you.

Myth #2– It’s faster to go to the insurance company.

Your insurance is an investment. Just like you would look around for the right car, you should shop around for the right insurance policy. Instead of going to each insurance company individually, your insurance agent compares policies for you. You don’t have to do the legwork yourself and determine if the policies are comparable. Insurance agents in Virginia take the guesswork out of it and save you time.

Myth #3– You’ll be subjected to a sales pitch by calling an agent.

While an insurance agent does present opportunities to purchase different policies, it isn’t necessarily a pitch. It’s an education for you to understand your risks and make good choices about the insurance you need. Think of like your doctor presenting you with two different treatment options, both with pros and cons.


photo credit: Dugan Brothers, Portrait of executive (license)