Merrimac Marine 3 Ways to Care for a Boats Fuel Vent

Merrimac Marine Care

Though boating offers a feeling of simplicity and independence, boats themselves are complicated. These marine vehicles have many different systems that allow them to operate effectively and safely. A vent is part of a marine vessels fuel system, and it must be maintained as regularly and carefully as the engine or the hull. Here are three ways to minimize problems with a boats fuel vent.

1. Ensure the hose is not kinked or blocked.

The fuel vent hose must be in good condition and properly positioned in order for this system to function properly. Inspect it regularly to ensure it is not damaged or obstructed. If your boats fuel tank overflows during filling, the condition of the vent hose is one of the first things to check.

2. Make sure the vent is not obstructed.

Generally, boat vents have some type of screen to prevent debris and insects from entering. Check the marine fuel vent cover to make sure it is clear of detritus and in good condition. If your boats vent cover is degraded, replace it.

3. Check the condition of the fuel tank fitting.

Many boats have fittings built directly into the fuel tank, which minimizes problems with blockages. However, some boats have screw-in fittings. These types of tank pipes need to be checked for blockages, especially if you are having trouble with overflow when filling the fuel tank.

Boating is a wonderful, freeing activity. With a few specific and regular maintenance checks, you can keep your boat in top condition for smooth sailing.