How to Lessen Your Dogs Aggressive Behavior

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A dogs aggressive behavior in order to defend territory or respond to a perceived threat is largely instinctual. Once your dog gets a taste of success by getting what she wants through aggression, the behavior is reinforced. Here are some tips to lessen your dogs aggressive behavior.

Family Training

Train your family about how to approach and treat a dog. Many incidents of dogs becoming aggressive are due to being surprised or feeling threatened. Dog bite liability insurance may be a necessity if a variety of people outside your household are in contact with your dog. Young children need continual supervision with pets.

Dog Obedience Training

Make sure your new best friend gets the best start possible through obedience training. Involve the whole family in your dogs obedience training homework and let your children give commands under your supervision. Give your dog praise for participating in training.

Reduce Stress

A dogs chances of acting out aggressively multiply if your dog is not given mental stimulation and a proper amount of exercise. Walking your dog and playing games like fetch should be a daily occurrence.

With the uncertainties of human and dog interaction, dog bite liability insurance is key to protecting your assets. Coverage of medical and legal costs with insurance can give you peace of mind.