Learning How Higher Education Insurance Can Protect the Institution

At an institution of advanced learning, the administration naturally wants the focus to be on the quality of the classroom experience, the opportunities provided to incoming students, and how their lives will be forever enriched for attending the campus for the next four years. Imagine, then, what a nightmare it was for one very prominent university when faced with a dangerous development: a rapist was attacking coeds walking back to their dorm rooms late at night. Campus Security quickly beefed up patrols, offered escorts to young women and cautioned them against walking or biking alone at night in particular. The campus was closed to all but staff and students after dark, and tall fences were erected around the perimeter of the dorms. Eventually the attacker was caught, but not before several students withdrew from the school, their parents no longer trusting the environment or the school’s ability to keep their children safe—and not before the victims’ families filed a lawsuit against the school, triggering a higher education insurance claim.

Then, a year later, scandal rocked the school again—this time on an international basis, when two foreign students—a young man and a woman–who were walking across a busy boulevard adjacent to the campus were struck and killed by a speeding car. To make matters worse, eyewitnesses reported that the hit-and-run driver had actually stopped just long enough to dislodge one of the students from the hood of the car where his clothing had become caught in the windshield wipers! The students lingered in the hospital for days with major internal bleeding before succumbing to their injuries. The heartbroken parents of the children flew to the American university, outraged that such a thing could happen to their children and demanding that the perpetrator be found. The parents sued the school for failure to provide a safe environment for their children, and the case is still pending. In the meantime, the school continues to hunt for the identity of the driver of the car, and has installed flashing lights illuminating the pedestrian crosswalk where the students were struck; other safety measures are in the works. Still, no matter what the school implements from this day on, the fact remains that the students are gone forever, and the school will likely be battling in court for years regarding charges of liability for the student’s death.

There simply is no measure for human loss. However, from a financial standpoint, this sort of catastrophic loss can be mitigated with the appropriate type of higher education insurance. Talk to a professional insurance agent to learn more about how your institution can be well served with this kind of protection in place.