Know These Types of Veterinary Liability

Know These Types of Veterinary Liability

As with human medical practices, veterinarians are legally assumed to be professionals of animal care. This opens up animal doctors to potential malpractice suits. While at one time such suits incurred minimal costs, in recent decades the damages awarded have been rising, averaging $5,000 to $10,000 in the 1990’s and even higher now. Veterinary professional liability insurance can protect a clinic or animal hospital from the following general risks.


Incorrectly diagnosing an animal’s condition, or prescribing the wrong treatment strategy, can open a veterinarian up to malpractice, if it can be proved that a vet with reasonable education and experience would have recognized the problem.


Related to malpractice, a suit can also be brought against veterinary doctors or staff for general negligence, failing to properly care for an animal entrusted to them. This can include cases of animals being improperly fed or housed, or accidentally letting a pet escape.

Communication Failures

Failing to completely and factually inform pet owners about the conditions of their pets, keeping inaccurate records or misrepresenting the qualifications of a veterinarian or staff can leave a veterinary professional legally liable.

Even in the best-maintained businesses, mistakes such as these can happen. With veterinary professional liability insurance, veterinarians and staff have the legal and financial protection to carry out their duties.