Know the Facts on Classic Car Insurance

Know the Facts on Classic Car Insurance

Owning a classic or collectible vehicle is a dream of many. For those in possession of these moving works of art, the right insurance is essential to maintaining your investment throughout the years. That’s why classic car insurance is important for owners of all valuable vehicles.

What Type of Cars Are Covered?

Highly-prized vehicles can come in many forms. Knowing the difference between these vehicle can help determine the best coverage option for your particular needs.

Antique - Vehicles older than 25 years are considered antiques. Antique vehicles must also be completely free of any modifications, and can include everything from motorcycles to trucks.

Classic/Collector - The classic/collector designation includes a range of vehicles that are at least 15 to 20 years old. Both original and modified vehicles can be considered classic or collector status when it comes to insurance purposes.

Specialty – Valuable vehicles of a more recent era are classed as specialty items. This typically describes newer exotic vehicles, as well as modified sports cars intended for speed.

What Protections Does Coverage Afford?

Classic car insurance must provide funding for essential maintenance and upkeep, as well as any damage that may occur to your vehicle. Unlike conventional vehicles, damage to a collectible can be extremely expensive, often involving exorbitant fees for even relatively minor repairs.

Keep Your Classic Vehicle Intact

No matter what type of vehicle you own, the right insurance company will work with you to devise a suitable policy for your exact needs. A reliable insurance policy will help keep your vehicle running smoothly for the duration, while also protecting your investment no matter what.


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