Keywords are Key to Insurance Search Engine Marketing

Keywords are “Key” to Insurance Search Engine Marketing

When insurance prospects are busy looking to find a new agent, agency, or type of policy, many of them will search using particular words or “keywords”. For example, prospects will type a particular insurance product into their Google browser and a list will then show up in the results of their search. If your agency wants to be on page one as an organic result this is done through Insurance Search Engine Marketing. This is referred to as organic Insurance SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The results are based on relevance to that search request.

Making use of long tail keyword phrases

Insurance SEO, when properly implemented, will provide your agency with excellent lead generation opportunities. The first step of this process involves a comprehensive keyword analysis. SEO specialists will help your agency analyze and select the best long tail keywords to use for your website. Long tail keyword phrases are three to five words in length, and are common phrases associated with your services that prospects and visitors to sites may use. For example, “New York business insurance”, or “Professional Liability Insurance for architects” are just two sample phrases.

Content is the key to keywords

Remember that the more content your site contains, the more likely one of your website pages will be found for a given search query. By now, search engine users have become much more specific and sophisticated with the search terms they are using. There are many SEO solutions available that focus primarily on local searches. There are those that specialize in platforms or technology, as well as companies that promote link building, and still other types of services are available to choose from.

When deciding on your Insurance Search Engine Marketing provider, select a company that understands the insurance business and the products and services distinct to your brand. Your agency will best be served by someone with access to insurance SEO and marketing programs that will ensure improved web presence and increased insurance leads. Your best bet is to invest in relevant, high quality content along with a professional social media marketing initiative that will compliment your SEO efforts.