Key Factors Affecting Your Boat Insurance

boat insurance estimate

Buying a boat is a fun way to enjoy the warmer weather this summer. A boat insurance estimate includes a variety of factors that assess the risk factors of you and your boat.


Safety on the water is a huge issue that can lower your risks of claims and thus lower the costs of your boat insurance. It’s essential to have the necessary safety equipment such as life jackets and flares on the boat. Much like a defensive driving course can save you money on your auto insurance, a safety course on boating can help you save money.


Another critical thing the insurance company looks at is who plans to drive the vessel. A good driving record can help lower your boating insurance. The amount of experience the driver was operating a boat can also impact the rates.


How you plan to use the boat can impact your insurance rates. Using the boat for recreation or fishing in salt water may have different prices. Where you store it and the location for mooring can all impact costs.

An insurance agent can give you a boat insurance estimate over the phone. To get a comprehensive analysis, you should speak to the agent and thoroughly answer any of their questions. They want to make sure you are safe and protected out on the water.