Keeping Company Drivers and Vehicles Safe

new jersey commercial auto insurance

Keeping Company Drivers and Vehicles Safe

Auto insurance can help keep you safe on the road, but it’s not just for your personal life. If your business uses company vehicles for any reason, you need New Jersey commercial auto insurance. That way, your drivers and your vehicles can be protected if anything happens on the road.

The Scope of Coverage

Whether your vehicles are used on a regular basis by your employees or are used only occasionally for certain events, you can build an auto insurance policy for your business that reflects your needs. The coverage can include the following:


Drivers without proper insurance

Medical costs

Repair expenses

Legal fees Natural disaster damage


A basic liability plan can be added to so it includes extra limits and umbrella coverage, depending on your business needs. This coverage also protects you and employees when your employees are on company time but in their own vehicles and an accident occurs. That comprehensive coverage means your business, vehicles and employees can be covered no matter what the situation is.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Owning company vehicles can be convenient for the business, but it also comes with a high-risk factor. New Jersey commercial auto insurance provides various levels of protection for your vehicles and drivers that are based on the type of vehicles you own and how the company uses them. That way, you can be protected before an accident happens.