Internet Marketing: Local SEO & How Customers Discover Your Business

Internet Marketing: Local SEO & How Customers Discover Your Business

by Larry Neilson

internet marketing local seo mapAs they say, an iPhone in your hand can connect you to unlimited amounts of data. I’ve never heard that saying before, but it makes perfect sense. With innovations such as iPhone’s Mobile Map application, users can pose queries such as “What’s the best Thai food restaurant in Orange County?” Internet marketing for local SEO / mobile is the next frontier for marketers.

Internet marketing for local SEO has begun to dominate mobile & organic search. With 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide, Mobile search may soon dominate the search space. Currently every 1 in 7 searches are now sent from a mobile device, which quadrupled in the last year alone. With such a large segment of the search market attracted to mobile, some companies have joined in the mobile ad network becoming early adopters. Google is currently leading mobile advertising bringing $2,500,000,000. What’s more, in 2015 Mobile ad spending is predicted to be $20.6 billion compared to $3.3 billion (2011).

Internet Marketing local seo yelp review businessMobile search is differently performed in each user’s device. iPhone for example, before iOS6, iPhone users had Google Maps which pulled information from Google+ local, Google Places of local businesses. After the iOS6 update, Apple has cut ties with competitor, Google, and proceeded to create their own maps database in a collaborative effort with Yelp. Yelp, currently the largest user review site boasts more than 53 Million unique visitors. Do you have an internet marketing strategy in place for mobile?

But what are users looking for? According to, restaurants & financial services (insurance included) were at the top of the list.

How what distance is “Local” considered? The closer you appear to local business, the higher in ranking you will be. According to the Local Advertising Sweet Spot was within 2 miles of your business, which generated a 1.48% CTR (Click-through-rate) compared to >5 miles, which only had a 1.26% CTR.

Local SEO is an important part of your internet marketing strategy for your business. As Smartphone users continue to grow, so will Local search.