Insurance for Equestrians

horse insurance

Horses are your life. You live for the smell of hay, the warm body of the gentle giant underneath you. Whether you show your horse and/or take them to the rodeo, what better way to take care of your tall friend than by investing in horse insurance?

Unconventional, but Worth It

If you’ve never thought about buying horse insurance before, you might be curious how it works. Well, there are a few ways that it can be used, but the bottom line is to find the use that works best for you. Some examples include:

Equine mortality and medical. This is a sad thought, but horses are as much of an investment as any other big purchase. Insurance will cover your horse in case of an emergency: If he needs medical help, surgery or passes away during an event.

General Liability. You have liability insurance to protect you from someone suing you if they’re injured at your home, and horse liability is much the same. If a third party is injured by your horse, you are covered from legal fees.

Theft. You would be devastated if your horse was stolen, and while no amount of money can replace him as an individual, you will at least be compensated.

Your horse is your pal and companion, but he is an expensive one. Make sure he’s covered from expensive fees in case something goes awry.