How Insurance Companies Can Use Content Marketing for Generating Leads

Digital Insurance Marketing

Insurance companies have to market their agency just like any other business. The insurance sector, after all, is a highly competitive field. When it comes to auto insurance, for example, some states have close to 200 active companies, including both state and nationwide agencies. This is why businesses need to have a strong online presence, and one way to do this is through digital insurance marketing.

Content Is King

Even local insurance agencies should have a website. To drive traffic to the site, Web operators need to create content and lots of it. This is done for SEO purposes but also to create informative content for demographic readers. Content should be created for the following platforms:

  • Internal blog
  • Guest blogs
  • Article directories
  • Social media

What Insurance-Related Pieces Should Consist Of

Regardless of where you post your content, it should never be promotional. Instead, make it informative. Some ideas for topics include:

  • Steps to take before filing a claim
  • Factors to consider when choosing an insurance
  • What you should do when shopping for an insurance company

With your digital insurance marketing campaign catered towards your key audience, they will more likely look to your company as a reliable source. This is far more effective than if you were to create content that is purely promotional in nature.


photo credit: josef.stuefer cc