How to Effectively Utilize Call-to-Action in SEO


Your SEO is the tool that helps your audience find your page. But, once they’re there, what makes them want to stick around? You could have all the engaging content they need, but the visitor still doesn’t make the conversion to the client. The reason for this is you aren’t using an effective call-to-action.

The best call-to-actions(CTAs) convince the visitor that he or she will benefit from doing what you’re asking. Here are some effective CTA strategies.

  1. Keep it Simple

Make your CTA easy to understand in as few words as possible. If you want the visitor to subscribe to your newsletter, provide an attractive button that lets the user know exactly what they’re doing.

  1. Why Should They?

Of course, your visitor isn’t going to give out their email just for the sake of giving it out. Tell your visitor how joining your newsletter is going to make their life better. Do you digest daily industry news? Or perhaps you have free giveaways every Tuesday. State this.

  1. Know Your Audience

The tone is everything. If your audience is more mature, they might appreciate a more conservative approach. If they are college students, they’re going to be attracted to what’s trending. Use what you know about your audience to create content that appeals to them.