How to Choose an MGA

transport program mga

How to Choose an MGA

If you’re in the transport industry, then you might want to think about hiring a transport program MGA. MGAs are specialized insurance brokers. They act on behalf of the insurer and have a close relationship with the client. If you need a Transport Program MGA, here is what you need to do.

Research the MGA

Does the MGA have experience in your industry? Can you trust it to have the information that can help you make an educated and solid decision? Research the MGA ahead of time. Figure out what products they offer and how much experience and knowledge in your niche that they have.

Research the Products

When it comes to trucking or transport products, it’s crucial that you have auto liability coverage that tends to the needs of the trucking industry. There are specialized coverages that are best for truckers. In addition to the right products, you should expect to find competitive pricing and broad coverage with the package options that you have. Some of the common coverages are:

Auto liability

Trailer interchange

Physical damage

General liability

Excess auto liability

Make sure that you find options that fit your target class. For instance, container haulers and produce haulers may have different needs. In order to make sure that you get the insurance products that you deserve, you should do your best to research the Transport Program MGA in advance. Make sure that you receive adequate coverage from an experienced source.