How to Address Theft in Indiana Public Schools

public school insurance Indiana
public school insurance Indiana

At first, many people might think that the idea of stealing from a public school sounds a little bizarre. However, theft does occur in public schools in Indiana and across in the United States. Theft can take the form of students stealing items of value directly from the school (e.g. electronics), teachers stealing items of value or funds directly from the school (e.g. an envelope full of money for prom tickets), or outside parties burglarizing the school. Public schools can be easy targets for theft, especially when they are left unattended during school breaks. Keep your school and your budget safe by investing in the right public school insurance in Indiana.

Other Ramifications of Theft from Public Schools

In addition to losing items of value such as computers, public schools can also jeopardize the safety of sensitive student information stored on hard drives. The theft of computers can illegally grant access to information regarding personal student information that may include the following:

  • Records of involvement in the special education system
  • Records of personal information including contact information and residential address
  • Records that detail mental health issues or related incidents

It is important to be prepared to address theft and have the resources to allow school personnel to continue to do their jobs. Public school insurance in Indiana can offer districts additional financial protection against many types of theft.