How Taxi Drivers Can Improve Tips

Taxi Drivers

In contrast to other industries, there isn’t a universally agreed-upon formula for how good service from a taxi driver should be tipped. As a result, tips can vary dramatically from one passenger to the next. It can be easy for a driver to feel helpless about the value that they generate in tips. However, a few simple techniques can help them improve the total value of their tips every day.

Be Personable and Friendly

A smile and friendly attitude can go a long way towards encouraging tips as a taxi driver. A driver should make it a point to introduce himself or herself. After passengers share their name, addressing them by their name can help to make them feel engaged.

Review the Route

As soon as a driver sets out towards passengers destination, he or she should ask them if they have a preferred route or if they are okay with using the route provided by a GPS. Customers will appreciate being asked for their input.

Be Welcoming to Out-of-Towners

A person who is unfamiliar with an area may like to hear more about it. If a passengers indicate that they’re visiting from out of town, drivers should make an effort to tell them a little about the area and highlight some points of interest.