How Insurance Agents Can Make the Most of Social Media

Agency Tsunami

If there’s one universal rule of marketing, it’s that every business can benefit from having a strong presence on social media. Even so, every industry uses social media in different ways to reach their audiences. The experts at Agency Tsunami understand the importance of social strategy for insurance agents and how they can make the most of their platforms. Take these tips, for example.

Use Humor When You Can

Chances are you’ve seen realtors, attorneys, and yes, even insurance agents go viral from time to time. Each of these professions is often considered “dull” to the everyday world, so what made these people go viral? Humor did! When you can find a way to incorporate pop culture, such as memes, TV shows, or celebrities, into your social media posts, you show the human behind the business. Keeping yourself humorous and relevant helps people remember your name when they need their own insurance agent.

Avoid Being Too Opinionated

With everything that has gone on in the world, is going on now, and will go on in the future, it’s hard not to form a strong opinion. They’re best kept for your personal social media pages, though. Everybody has strong opinions, and when you fall on one side or the other, you automatically alienate people whose opinions land on the other side of the fence. When relating your insurance services to current events, aim to be objective and keep strong opinions out of your posts.

Social media is poised to become even more important for advertising and even conducting business in the wake of current events. If you haven’t already, now is the time to get on social media and make your presence as an insurance agent known.