Why Healthcare Professionals Need Independent Liability Insurance

HPSO insurance.

Medical professionals are often the targets of malpractice law suits. Those who work at a hospital or other medical facility might have an employer that carries some form of professional liability insurance. However, that coverage often protects the employers interest and may be insufficient to protect the individual caregiver from legal liability. Because lawsuits can be extraordinarily costly to defend, essentially every healthcare professional should have independent HPSO insurance.

Affected Practice Areas

Regardless of practice area, virtually everyone who treats patients should have adequate professional liability coverage. While this list is not exhaustive, the following professionals should carry liability insurance:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Mental Health Counselors
  • Dentists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Technicians

All healthcare professionals who play a role in treating patients are susceptible to a malpractice lawsuit. As such, regardless of practice area, most medical professionals need independent HPSO insurance.

Effective Liability Coverage

Healthcare professionals often purchase liability coverage to protect them against errors or omissions they make when treating a patient. This coverage also traditionally covers any other medical activity the professional does, regardless of whether it is in an official capacity. Finally, liability insurance generally pays legal fees associated with fighting frivolous claims.

Professional healthcare providers often have significant stressors in their everyday lives. Worrying about legal responsibility should not add to that stress. Anyone who practices in a medical field, then, should probably have independent HPSO insurance coverage.