Having Boat Coverage for Your Valuable Asset

Newport Beach boat insurance

Owning a boat in Southern California can be a lot of hard work, but consider the joy that comes with it. People who enjoy boating often like to entertain others, providing them the experience of seeing the world from a special vantage point, while venturing the high seas. A simple cruise around the harbor can be exhilarating, or perhaps embarking on a fishing expedition with friends and family.

But partaking in these activities means that you also need to be aware that there may arise circumstances that can turn fun into tragedy. If you become involved in a boating accident, and someone gets injured, or your boat is in need of serious repair, youll need a Newport Beach boat insurance policy to address any claims.

Potential concerns for boat owners

When you determine that you need to file a claim for a boating accident, your insurance company will need to determine if you were following laws and regulations regarding the operation of your boat. This is why you should never operate the boat while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Insurance companies explicitly deny liability for any accident where drugs or alcohol were ingested and could be determined to be a factor in the incident. Always obey the law, because by violating these laws you have also violated the terms of your boat insurance policy and your insurer will generally deny any claim under these circumstances.

Knowing what your insurance policy covers

If you are involved in a fishing boat accident, your coverage must meet specific requirements for the insurance to be valid, otherwise chances are likely that the insurance coverage may not pay your claim. Because there is a wide variance in the type of boat insurance coverage that is made available, you’ll need an understanding as to what circumstances would or would not imperil a claim.

For example, most policies define natural perils as being those physical elements that expose your boat to the risk of a loss. These include fire, water, wind and other natural occurrences. To the extent that you are imperiled from filing a claim depends on which, if any, natural peril is or isn’t covered. Therefore, you should always make sure that your Newport Beach boat insurance policy covers the type of outing you’ll be engaging in.